Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutrition and therapeutic massage for all musculoskeletal conditions.

Having a condition that reduces your mobility, increases pain and can be disruptive to your ability to live life to its fullest. Often times travelling to rehabilitation clinics is time consuming, uncomfortable and intrusive on one’s privacy. Our rehabilitative services is provided in the comfort of your own home or convenient location of your choice. 

We bring professionally trained and registered rehabilitation specialist to you so that you can go out and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Specific services may include:

  Women's health, wellness and recovery

  Cardiac rehabilitation

  Stroke rehabilitation

  Musculoskeletal problems or mobility

  Back-pain and other pain management

  Optimizing mobility and activity

  Strength training

  Optimizing nutrition

  Weight loss management


  What We Will Do:

Our physiotherapist, occupational therapist and massage therapist will specifically design a program to your physcial and social needs.Your rehabilitation process will be effective and designed for you to achieve the best outcomes. Our rehab team will provide your treatment in the comfort of your own home with the latest equipment available. Whether you are recovering from a motor vehicle accident, a heart attack or stroke, our team will provide a thorough assessment and treatment plan to ensure that you return to your optimal health. Our Clinical Service Manager will meet with your health care team to close gaps in your journey towards recovery.

  How long is the service?

The service length of stay will depend on your condition and desired goals. An experienced rehab specialist will conduct an in-depth assessment and work with your referring physician to determine the course of treatment. Some conditions require a short course of treatment (one to two weeks).

Other conditions may require a longer rehabilitation course. Your progress will be monitored with you and collaboratively you and your health team can determine the journey to meet your convenience.