About Us

About Royale Home Health

The Royale Home Health philosophy is an extension of our sister institution Royale Hayat - blending quality health care with luxurious hospitality services. Your care is a bountiful marriage of 5-star hospitality with top-quality holistic clinical care.

Celebrating Healthy Families


You will receive:

  1. Personalized approach to care coordination
  2. Highly specialized, well-trained and solutions-oriented care team
  3. International best-practice
  4. Technology-based information and care
What We Desire
Healthy families in their homes
Our Commitment
Ultimate Service! Exemplary Care!
Essence Of Our Work
Delivering healthcare the way it should be: customized, comfortable and convenient!
Our Purpose
Empower families to embrace a healthy lifestyle and restore good health

Your care will be delivered by:

  • Professional care providers who are energetic, confident and well-trained
  • Solution oriented care team who demonstrate positivity and forward-thinking
  • A team that is focused on providing you safe, effective, leading-edge care

  Customized Care and Coordination

Your care journey will be hosted by an experienced and highly trained Clinical Service Manager who will be your central point of contact. The Clinical Service Manager will guide you through your health improvement journey from assessment to discharge. Imagine having your very own health service concierge using the latest clinical processes and technology to customize your personal plan, arrange all the health services you need, liaise with your physician, health care team and family and help you achieve the best care outcomes possible - all in the privacy and comfort of your own home, office or anywhere you desire.


  Top Quality Care

Care based on international best-practices, highly-trained and certified staff, multi-professional teams coached by a core team of senior health practitioners trained in Europe, UK, USA and Canada. Beyond this, we provide the Royale touch to all our services – culturally sensitive service combined with modern health care delivered in luxurious hospitality style of the Middle East.

Meet Our Team


 Smart Technology Solutions

Today’s care can and must be delivered through all the advantages technology has to offer. Our private, secure electronic care platform provides you and your physicians access to your care plan, clinical documentation and your health status. This creates a team-based forum for the best care possible. We can also provide remote monitoring of your vitals so our team and your doctor can be alerted if your vitals exceed the normal limits for you. Early detection and continuous monitoring can save lives.

Our care team utilize personal mobile devices to chart your entire care journey. We have capabilities for video consultation and support. Finally, since all of our care is based on best-practices from Canada, we can ensure and track that our staff are compliant with the care you deserve. We even monitor when staff arrive at your doorstep and leave so that you can be assured that you will receive the care we have committed to you on time. We also care about our staff and want to ensure that they safely arrive at your home.


  Build-to-Suit Bundled Care

Bundled care (Multidisciplinary care) occurs when professionals from a range of disciplines with different but complementary skills, knowledge and experience work together to deliver comprehensive healthcare aimed at providing the best possible outcomes for you. We work with you to build the most appropriate bundle of programs and services for you.

Research shows that patients can achieve better health outcomes and faster results through a multidisciplinary approach to their care. Key members of this team are you, your family, your physician, your assigned Clinical Service Manager and your health care team.

Royale Designer Programs: Royale Home Health has developed DESIGNER services that incorporate a bundled care approach informed by international protocols and physicians. Our team works with the medical team and clients to describe, arrange and deliver a holistic approach to your care needs.

Our DESIGNER programs include:

  1. Journeys: Pre and post-natal care
  2. Serenity: Well-baby and mother care
  3. Hope: Post-surgical breast cancer care
  4. Legacy: Senior support
  5. Summit: Rehabilitation for stroke