Child Health

We help your child at any age live a healthy, active and positive lifestyle. Our customized designer mom and baby care program includes well-baby visits, home support around the clock and happy mother care.

We take a customized approach to your child’s care through co-designing a program with parents that includes monitoring growth and development, tracking of all milestones including vaccinations, planning appropriate nutrition, and development of sleep and activity programs so your child has the best health possible.

We provide comprehensive individualized care for pediatric patients of any age, including newborns. Our highly skilled nurses and therapists work with you to meet your child’s healthcare needs in the comfort of your home. Whether the child needs total care or daily visits we can design a family-centered holistic plan of care that encompasses all aspects of recovery or continuing care.


  Our approach:

Our Clinical Service Manager will meet with you and complete an assessment of your child to determine the level of service that he/she may require. She will monitor your child’s progress throughout their health care journey with input from our health care team. She will organize regular monthly case conferences with you and your team to ensure that the best care is provided to your child.

She will be your main contact for any issues or concerns throughout the continuing care of your child. We will work closely with your physician to ensure that he/she is kept up to date and informed about any issues/concerns throughout the care. Our nurses can provide you with education about your child’s condition and maintenance of their health.


Some of our services include:




  Acute care

  Learning and development


  Special needs and total care

  Health maintenance for chronic diseases

  • Oncology
  • Diabetes



As Needed


  IV therapy

  Mobile lab

  Wound care

  Dressing changes

  Surgical drain management

  Tracheostomy care

  Ostomy care