Includes wound care, dressing (bandage) changes, IV therapy, medication management, pain management, drain care, tracheostomy care, catheter care and ostomy care.

An acute injury can require short-term treatment for a severe injury or episode of illness, an urgent medical condition, or during recovery from surgery require immediate medical treatment or surgery.

This could be a planned or an unexpected event that can disrupt your normal life having to deal with medical treatment away from the convenience, comfort and routine of your normal life.

Our goal is to help you and your family restore your health as quickly as possible in a convenient and comfortable manner. We aim to provide you safe and top-quality care where and when you need it.


Specific services may include:

  Monitoring vital signs and any signs of complications

  Pain management

  IV therapy (fluid replacement, antibiotic administration)

  Wound care and dressing changes

  Medication management

  Early ambulation and physiotherapy

  Patient/family teaching on condition, progress and self-monitoring


  What We Will Do:

Your Clinical Service Manager will visit you in the hospital prior to your discharge to ensure that you have a smooth transition home and guide you to have all of the necessary supplies and equipment for a speedy recovery. Our general/post-surgical care team will help you manage your pain, monitor your vital signs, monitor your wounds, drains and skin to ensure that optimal healing occurs while you are recuperating in the comfort of your own home. They will change your dressings and monitor your healing and administer only prescribed medications, infusion therapy or any treatments that have been ordered by your physician according to the policies set by the Kuwait Ministry of Health. They will also help you start your recovery process so you can resume your normal routines. Our team will seek out engagement of your physician to keep them informed of your recovery progress.

  How long is the service?

These services are usually short-term for a one to two-week period. Your plan of care will be monitored and after the two-week period, our Clinical Service Manager will evaluate your care plan to ensure that your healing is on track according to your own customized care plan.

If you require extra time your Clinical Service Manager can organize a case conference with your healthcare team to determine the additional time frame required for your healing.